November 2011

Stubborn or Unintelligent?

I have a German Shepherd named Sasha.  I got her for my birthday early this fall, and she is about five months old now.  At first, she was the greatest dog ever.  She is very intuitive, attentive and easy to work with.  She seems to know what I want before I do, and we were best of friends.  Then, my husband was laid off and I began working full time from home.  Unfortunately, poor Sasha has probably suffered the most with the lack of attention.

Guard Dog Training Your German Shepherd?

"Help your German Shepherd understand his abilities and his limits"

I have heard from people that specific breeds of dogs, such as Dobermans, Rottweilers and German Shepherds should not receive guard dog training.  This seems backwards, as these three breeds are the very ideal picture of guard dogs.  According to one naysayer, the mentality behind not training these dogs to be guard dogs is that it leads to aggression and trouble most families do not want to deal with, that a dog who is trained to guard will not allow any visitors and will threaten anyone who comes close to his family.

German Police Replace German Shepherds With More Agressive Dogs

"Breeders are divided as to what makes a good German Shepherd."

When the average person thinks of a police dog, they picture a German Shepherd.  Unfortunately this is something that is about to change in Germany.  German police have decided to replace the German Shepherd with the more aggressive Belgian shepherd.  This breed is called the Malinois.

Secrets to Successfully Training Your German Shepherd

Bringing home a German shepherd is an exciting occasion. These adorable dogs adapt well, and can be a great addition to the family. However, there is more involved than just bring them home. Just like any other dog, taking care of a German shepherd is a long-term commitment. The dog will be a part of your family and will need to be trained to encourage proper behavior. Training your German shepherd is a must, as behavior can be a challenge to manage.

German Shepherd Traits

German Shepherd owners tend to be fiercely loyal to the breed, and many swear off any other breed for life.  It is easy to see why, when you spend a little time with this highly intelligent breed.  Renowned for their fearlessness, loyalty and very high intelligence, German Shepherds are difficult to forget once you have gotten to know one.

German Shepherd Colors

Most people think of the standard tan and black colors when they think of German Shepherd dogs.  While those are the most common colors, German Shepherds come in several other colors and patterns as well.

The standard colors of tan and black come in several pattern variations.  The typical German Shepherd dog is tan with a black saddle and mask.  This saddle can extend further across the back and is then considered a blanket, or a large blanket if it extends further down toward the belly. 

Why You Should not Ignore a Sniffing German Shepherd

German shepherds, often used as working dogs in the past, are faithful, courageous, and intelligent dogs. Although they have a slight resemblance to the wolf, they are far from being related to them. Their intelligence have come in handy, making them the most popular dogs for accomplishing certain tasks. They are generally chosen for careers such as search-and-rescue, police jobs as well as guide dogs.  
I was always afraid of dogs sniffing me since I was a kid. I always thought that somewhere during the sniffing I would be bitten. Well, sniffing may not be a bad thing after all. Over the years, many researches have been done to find out if certain dogs, such as the German shepherd could detect certain types of cancer. In 1989, researchers first found out that dogs may have the ability to sniff out cancers. Other researches were done, and it was concluded that dogs can sniff cancers such as cancer of the skin, breast, bowel and the bladder. A study was conducted using 2 German shepherds, a Labrador, and an Australian shepherd. It was determined that they could use their sniffing skills to determine if a person has cancer.   

Do All German Shepherds Kill Chickens?

I love my dogs, but sometimes they drive me crazy.  Sasha, my German Shepherd puppy, has made it impossible for my chickens to roam in the yard like they used to do.  Our other dog, a Rottweiler cross, is totally chill with the chickens and is more interested with their output than bothering to eat them.

Earlier this year, we brought home a German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix who immediately found a new home after getting a chicken and a rabbit in her first week.  She was only six weeks old!  So to replace her, we brought home Sasha.  She is a beautiful, purebred German Shepherd who at least waited to worm her way into my heart before mercilessly slaughtering – and devouring – three innocent hens in my yard.