June 2009

10 Reasons German Shepherds Make Great Pets

Though our home is big enough for our cats, it just wouldn’t be fair to confine a dog to it—much to the dismay of our little girl. Someday, when we have enough land to roam around on, we would love to get a great family dog to expand our little ragtag team. A German shepherd, also known as the Alsatian, might just be our dog of choice.

Though some people go for the tinier pups, we’re really into the bigger, teddy-bear types—not the jumbo dogs you’d sick on the postman to keep the IRS bill away, but the big lovable canines who are affectionate and good with kids but still offer that feeling of safety some dogs can give. As a kid, I had a Labrador who seemed to embody all of these qualities—as well as a couple of beagles who sort of did, too; but I think our next dog may end up being a handsome German Shepherd.