November 2008

missing cat

I'm feeling very sad. My mother just moved to a new house (25 miles from her old one) & I was in charge of getting her mostly outdoor 11 year old cat adjusted to the new place. She moved from a suburb to a more urban setting. I kept the cat in 5 days but he kept getting very restless around 3 am. Last Tuesday, I thought I would just sit outside with him for a little while (at 5:30 am!) but he immediately disappeared into a large group of bushes in front of her building. I've been looking for him ever since.

problem cats

i have a cat problem. stray cats constantly find their way into my yard and my front porch. they defecate in various spots in the yard and dig up the grass. any hints on how to keep them out permanently? thanks.

Dog Books?

Hello. I will be purchasing my second GSD in may and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on any books. I am looking for breed info and training books. More importantly training. THanks a lot!!


Hi, I am planning to rescue a golden retriever and I would like to know how to indroduce my cat to him. My cat is terrified of dogs. We rescued him and I think he must have had a bad expirence with one because if a dog iis ANYWHERE near him he freaks out. NOTHING scares Poncho more than a dog. Please help. Also

Please help PWAR

My name is Vanessa, I'm a volunteer for the Prairie Wind Animal Refuge,in Kiawa Colorado. We are the largest refuge of our kind in the west. We adopt endangered species from fur farms, guaranteed hunts and other abusive situations around the country. If the animals are not adopted within 24 hours they are euthanized, So we take care of them. They can't be admitted back out into the wild. most of them were declawed at the fur farms to make them more managable.

lonely kitten

We just brought a 12 week old russian blue kitten home. He seems to be searching for his litter mates/mother, crying a bit. He's very affectionate and okay when I can cuddle him all the time, but when I put him down so I can do something else, he gets upset again. I know he needs to get used to us, but was wondering how long this might go on for?

Sheding Problem

I have a two year old spayed female sheperd, I have tried changing different foods, frequent brushing, and still is sheding an unusual amount, has anybody else had this problem, and any suggestions would be welcomed.

I need a GSD

Hi, my grandmother has bred GSD's most of her life her last pup she kept is now 11 years old she is looking for a female because her vet said he doesn't have long and where she lives by tigger town and she would most likely be robed if she didn't have a dog.any age younger than 5 thankyou Brittany # (863)859-6326