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New Doggie Snacks Offer Puppy Ice Cream

If you see your dog panting heavily this upcoming summer, a puppy ice cream treat may do just the trick to cool them off and reward them for being a great dog. If you have never heard of these newer dog ice cream treats before, let me bring you up to speed really quickly. I found out about dog ice cream treats a few months ago when I was shopping for dog food at the local grocery store. Upon entering the pet isles, I noticed a small freezer section that they had added. Contained within were puppy ice cream treats in a variety of different flavors. They are called Frosty Paws – you can visit them online at: – a newer treat for your dog that is made from entirely safe to eat doggy ice cream. More Stores are Adding a Freezer in the Pet Sections As soon as I realized this new trend of dog ice cream, I began to notice that most grocery stores in my area were beginning to add a freezer section to their pet isles to offer these tasty, frozen dog treats. Now just about any store that I go to carries puppy ice cream treats. They come in little, circular lumps, much like an ice cream bar for humans. You pull a tab off the top and drop them in their dish. They are frozen and take a while for your dog to eat, which makes the enjoyment last even longer. And the smirk on your dogs face when they realize that they are getting a cold and sugary ice cream treat is literally priceless! Dogs Love Them! If you can find me a dog that does not like cold ice cream puppy snacks, I will be surely surprised. I even bought a case of them for my brother’s dogs. When I was over there on Thanksgiving, I dished them out. They literally freaked out for the peanut butter flavored puppy ice cream treats, and who can blame them. Seriously though, whoever thought of this cool trend deserves a gold star for efforts. And if our dogs could speak, they would most certainly be thanking us! Is Ice Cream Safe for Dogs? The reality is that these treats are entirely safe for your dogs to eat because they are not real human ice cream. They are made from pet safe ingredients by a large company and will not harm your pet in any way. If you have a diabetic dog, make sure that you consult with your vet before giving these out to Fido – just to make sure that its okay for him to eat them. But, most dogs will be able to safely enjoy these frozen dog treats without any problems or side effects. What Will They Think of Next? It does kind of make you wonder what they will think of next. I have already see that ball toy that you spray flavored dog treats into and throw the ball; when they bite on it the flavoring pours out into their mouth. Maybe puppy pizza will be the next dog treat trend. But for right now, my boys are entirely content with their doggy ice cream treats!