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Please help PWAR

My name is Vanessa, I'm a volunteer for the Prairie Wind Animal Refuge,in Kiawa Colorado. We are the largest refuge of our kind in the west. We adopt endangered species from fur farms, guaranteed hunts and other abusive situations around the country. If the animals are not adopted within 24 hours they are euthanized, So we take care of them. They can't be admitted back out into the wild. most of them were declawed at the fur farms to make them more managable. Born in captivity,They couldn't survive. We have 16 Tigers, Bangles and Siberians, 4 African lions, 5 Mountain lions, 3 Lynx, 2 Bobcats and 1 black jaguar. As well as an assortment of other animals including 6 bears and 27 wolves. Prairie wind has recently had to overcome many obstacles. We recently lost our entire source of Meat. For the last 14 years a meat packing plant in Greeley has been donating the 500lbs of meat a day it takes to feed our kittys. They recently were bought out by Con-agra, who is not continuing the charity. For the last 2 years the sole source of income for the refuge has been door-to-door fundraising. There are currently 4 other people besides myself, single handedly supporting the refuge. That makes us all responsible for $100 a day just for food!   I am burnt out on going door-to-door, and would like to do more than help them just survive. Although the refuge dose meet USDA standards, I find the conditions unsatisfactory. I am trying to improve their quality of life, with larger inclosure (despite financial trouble we have had 2 larger inclosure put up this year and 2 more are currently under construction. They cost about $10,000 each!) I am writing grants, (but they can take years to come through) and looking for consistent  sponsors. If you would like to help with a donation, or  have any contacts or suggestion please email me (